Cloud enabled infrastructure

Build innovative, affordable, service aligned infrastructure solutions for the storing, protecting and management of data in the modern cloud enabled age.

Infrastructure Transformation

Service aligned infrastructure solutions for the large enterprise.

Managed Services

Enterprise-class managed infrastructure as a service for small business.

Overcome modern infrastructure challenges.

The vast majority of applications will soon be deployed using a cloud service and more than half of enterprises will have hybrid cloud models. Transforming to a hybrid bimodal infrastructure model to support the old and new isn‘t always simple. It needs careful planning and a clear decision making process based on outcomes.

Build flexible infrastructure services that combine a service aligned approach and Union’s heritage in enterprise infrastructure. Put your ‘cloud first’ strategy in place by focusing on the infrastructure services demanded by your business.

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The Union Difference

Union is outcome focused, not technology bound. Our core principles are centred on meeting your business needs with service aligned infrastructure. With more than 20 years experience we think we’ve something important to add to the equation.

The Union Competitive Edge™ Process

We take the time to truly understand your IT and business goals - what you need to do, how that might best be achieved, and the true costs of delivery. At Union Solutions, we’ll suggest a smart, rationalised infrastructure design with a business case measured in cost, service, and risk, with revenue enablement through innovation to boot.



We undertake an IT service assessment to truly understand your business, its critical applications and how these applications interact with the infrastructure that underpins those IT services across the organisation.



No business is the same. IT policies, processes, workloads, dependencies, security and data sovereignty postures vary. Understanding each is essential to enable innovation, reduce cost, improve service and mitigate risk.



Cloud is a model not a place, and every business will exploit it in a different way. We architect the right service model to meet your unique business goals. We plan your cloud transformation by advising you on what to keep on an optimised private stack, and what you can and should move to a hybrid or public cloud.



We don’t just advise, we build the model and migrate the services with you. Together we execute the strategy, and once you’re there we’ll continue to optimise your services in line with business demand, keeping you relevant and providing your business with a competitive edge.

Infrastructure Transformation

Service aligned infrastructure solutions for the large enterprise.

Data Storage

Choose the right storage for the right data use case. Align costs and models accordingly.

Data Protection

Data protection and recovery is an insurance policy. Pay only the premium appropriate to the risk and data value.

Data Management

Minimise the storage tax of copy data and deliver compliance with data lifecycle management.

Address Unstructured Data

Stop letting unstructured data put you at risk: turn chaos to order.

Managed Services

Enterprise-class managed infrastructure as a service for small business.

Managed Azure Infrastructure

The performance, availability, security and recoverability you need, driven by Union.

Managed Backup to Azure

Union’s managed backup to Azure uses a blend of tools to protect your data and applications in a native format.

Managed Disaster Recovery to Azure

‘Disaster-Ready’ protected by Microsoft Azure and Union. Be back in business in less than 60 minutes.

Real cost of storage

Stop comparing the cost of storage, start understanding data storage services.
Understanding the real cost of storage means understanding the use case.

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