Always on, resilient by design, bespoke data halls.

Fully managed UK datacentre with cloud enabled agility.

When selecting a datacentre, having a specific build tailored for you is paramount as no two clients have the same requirements. However, what all clients have in common is the need to have always-on computing in an environment that is safe, secure and robustly designed. At Union Solutions, every aspect of architecture from power and cooling through to security, fire suppression and connectivity is of the utmost importance.

Our experts will guide you through a comprehensive planning and strategic session allowing the correct configuration of subsystems to provide a modular approach to deliver the performance required. The overall design of the data hall ensures that each and every capacity component in the distribution paths can be removed from service on a planned basis without impacting any of the equipment housed in the datacentre.

Better by design
Union datacentres achieve a PUE of < 1.2. We offer true A + B power available from source to plug, always on Class A cooling from fresh air, free cooling and Adiabatic and effective fire retardant systems in every data hall.

Uninterruptible cooling – 100% guaranteed
Where equipment uptime and protection is paramount, Union provides an “Uninterruptible Cooling” design required for an always-on facility. Commonly referred to as a “Class A” cooling type, Union guarantees up-time and protection.

Power – 100% percent availability guaranteed
With careful design, implementation and maintenance, Union Solutions delivers 100% availability of power through our diversely routed technic from source to the socket in the data hall unlike many other data centre providers. All dual fed data halls are service level agreed at 100% availability.

A secure facility within a secure site
At Union we understand that security is critical, but also maintaining 24×7 access to your equipment is too. Union employs a host of features and technology which ensures secure, easy access for approved personnel.

Everything in one place
Union offers extensive facilities available on campus whether the data hall is your primary datacentre or a disaster recovery location. The working environment is designed to allow lengthy operation of recovered services or permanent staff based on-site. This is not just a datacentre, but a fully managed working environment.

Fast & cost-effective managed connectivity
Carrier agnostic, Union provides a multitude of connectivity options including diverse routing into the facility to your data floor, existing locations or backhaul services to connect to your MPLS provider. The core network infrastructure has been installed with a multitude of carriers including SSE, NTT, Level 3, Virgin Media Business and BT.

Managed network services
Gain access to a fully managed Layer 2 and Layer 3 network service using Union’s own core networking infrastructure. Delivered using 10Gb waves and presented as a Layer 2 or Layer 3 service inside your own data hall or existing locations, you get the network managed in the way you need it.

IP transit
Union operates a multi-homed and highly resilient IP transit service under our own ASN. Our network is based entirely on Cisco hardware and has an extremely high level of resilience and diversity in both its physical and logical routing.

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