More data will be created this year than the sum of data created in all preceding years.

We have an insatiable appetite for the use of technology in our everyday lives. Emerging markets, population growth, and the adoption of the internet of things, mobile devices, machine to machine and big data means unprecedented data growth is forecast.

Data is already the lifeblood of most businesses. You need to have a handle on its growth, value, and protection. Each are critical factors for the measurement of an efficient service aligned infrastructure model and a cloud first strategy.

Data Management Strategy

Understand Your Data Genomics

Where is your growth and how are your users using their data? Research suggests as much as 88% of unstructured data is ‘cold’ – not regularly accessed and 41% hasn’t been modified in three years. Deleting or archiving this could save as much as 50% of you current storage costs. Union undertakes an assessment of your data estate to identify growth rates, data types, usage profiles, big offenders, trends, and duplication of content.

Establish Compliance Requirements

Stale or cold data can easily be deleted to free up valuable infrastructure resources. But what if statutory or regulatory compliance or business policy dictates you keep it? The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation comes into force in 2018. Brexit or not, most of its policies will be adopted into UK statute. There are big fines if you are unable to find certain data and these rules will apply to EU companies globally. Union helps you through the maze of regulation to design a technology solution to support the policies you employ.

Employ Data Lifecycle Management Technology

Once a policy for unstructured data is established employing technology such as object storage enables you to apply automated data lifecycle management. Union can build an object store solution that manages the data’s term of life, immutability, and locality. This reduces primary storage costs, mitigates risk and ensures you remain compliant.

Give Data Context

To comply with forthcoming legislation your data must be discoverable. This means being able to search and find data by author, content, date range, or any other variable. The traditional means of archiving data within a long term image as part of a backup process does not achieve this. It’s a false economy. Union builds archive solutions that ensure relevant content is online, protected and cost effective.

Eliminate Copy Data

Copy data is created whenever primary data is copied for secondary purposes. Fewer than 20% of organisations formally address copy data, but those who do have seen up to 70% decreases in storage capacity growth costs. Addressing copy data head on is the single most effective means of reducing storage costs and managing data. Union Solutions is an expert in copy data virtualisation. As an active member of this innovative community, Union helped to establish copy data as a recognised component of a modern data management strategy.

Put Data In The Right Place

Not all data is the same and neither is its use case or user. Some is structured, some is unstructured. Some needs to live next to the application for performance, some does not. Union helps you catalogue your data storage services and align data sets and technology appropriately to maximise economies, minimise risk and improve service.

Address Unstructured Data

Stop letting unstructured data put you at risk: turn chaos to order.

Partnering with Union, you’ll be better equipped to enable business agility, embrace data growth, drive down costs and be confident in your ability to meet compliance demands.

The UK’s number one property portal company manages more than four billion objects on a storage platform designed and supported by Union.

One of the world’s leading design, engineering, and project management companies runs its wind farm data collection, analytics, and data archiving services on Union’s state of the art infrastructure platform.

How to Improve Data Management for Infrastructure Transformation

This short paper offers advice on solving data problems before embarking on any major infrastructure transformation projects and cloud initiatives.

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