Data protection is an insurance policy protecting against user or operator error, system failure, datacentre loss, malicious intent or degenerative bugs.

Ultimately it’s only as effective as its ability to recover.

An increasingly demanding and competitive business landscape requires highly available and quickly recoverable services, and neither the demand nor the risk will disappear just because an application or storage service moves to the cloud. Because not all data has the same value to an organisation and not all data is of the same format or resides in the same locality, different approaches to data protection must be applied and the requisite premium of cost versus risk understood.

Protect Your Data

The Union team’s formative years were dedicated exclusively to backup and recovery solutions for the enterprise. We’ve designed and built some of the most sophisticated and elegant solutions for some of the most demanding corporate environments in the UK. We work to a set of golden rules for backup and recovery that we share with all our clients through their process of transformation.

Understand Application Taxonomy

Business users don’t use data, they use applications. They want you to protect and recover these applications. We take the time to understand the full infrastructure stack that supports an application so that we can recover all of it.

Publish a Service Catalogue

Union consults with your business to understand what recovery services are needed. We’ll help you produce a service catalogue in a language the business understands based upon recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives.

Align Data Sets to Service Classes

Union aligns each of your data sets to the appropriate service class so that you implement policies, processes and technologies that deliver data protection services in a proportionate and appropriate way.

Don’t Focus Purely on Backup

Union will design solutions that incorporate high availability computing clusters, application replication, storage replication and snapshots, plus traditional backup processes to ensure a holistic end-to-end service is supported. The design stage eliminates the risk of duplication of effort to ultimately save money.

Know Your Data Types

Union approaches the protection of structured and unstructured data in the most appropriate way for each unique use case. Block and file will soon become block and object, helping you to simplify and improve data protection processes.

Backup Isn’t Archive

Don’t try to deliver compliance through an archive system built on a backup system. It’s a false economy and rarely services the needs of the business. Union helps you deliver data protection, recovery and archive in the right way.

Look For No Backup Application

New ways of protecting data by means of object stores and copy data virtualisation are revolutionising economies and simplifying processes. Union helps you eliminate complicated backup processes and expensive backup applications wherever possible.

Put Somebody in Charge

Everyone needs to talk. It is no good having database administrators, storage managers and backup operators all operating as islands. It’s costly and it’s risky. Make somebody accountable and responsible and give them the authority to execute.

Address Unstructured Data

Stop letting unstructured data put you at risk: turn chaos to order.

Partnering with Union, the cost and suitability of recovery service will be better aligned to the value of the data set to your business.

Savings of £2M, a three-fold performance increase, and 7x scalability were just some of the benefits delivered by a data protection platform designed and delivered by Union to Europe’s largest home improvements retailer.

Data protection services for the UK investment banking arm of Japan’s largest financial services company are delivered by platforms designed, built, and supported by Union Solutions since 2010.

Data Protection in a Bimodal, Hybrid World

Explore why backup is broken by reading about data protection strategies and how new technologies such as copy data virtualisation and object storage may change the way you protect data forever.

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