Data storage services can amount to 75% of a company’s IT infrastructure costs.

It’s expensive so it’s only natural for businesses to focus on it when looking to save money.

Equally important, it’s essential to get ‘storage fit’ if you want any chance of enjoying cost, service, and risk yields from a move to an OPEX based cloud model. It’s not just 75% of the cost, but data locality is 75% of the heavy lifting when moving to the cloud.

Union’s Smart Storage Philosophy

In our experience we have found that most storage services are ill-defined, poorly aligned, and wasteful. Capacity planning processes are disjointed and teams work in silos. Unnecessary costs, storage sprawl and an outcome more beneficial to suppliers than to you follows. At Union Solutions, we have three basic principles for you to take back control.

Understand the Use Case

Data is stored and used for many different purposes by many different consumers. All have different scale, agility, performance, availability, and capacity demands – and yet too many organisations still take a “one size fits all” approach.

We help you understand your users and their specific use case demands. We’ll define a data storage service catalogue to match, and align these services with policies and processes supported by appropriate technologies. Costs are aligned to affordability and value which in turn manages consumption by means of show-back economics.

Copies of the same data are what make storage so expensive. It’s not just off-site copies for disaster recovery or local snapshot copies for rapid recovery from user error.

It’s not just copies kept on disk or tape for backup and recovery purposes, or the extended retention added to this process for pseudo-compliance.

It’s also the copies of the same production data your development teams, database administrators, and big data analysts take for their day to day roles too. Hundreds of copies of the same data shouldn’t exist in a single organisation – it costs money, compromises services, and potentially increases risk. We hunt down copy data, remove silos and apply data virtualisation technology to rid you of the copy data tax once and for all.

Eliminate Copy Data

Data Lifecycle Management

Most data is persistent. It doesn’t change, and in many cases is rarely accessed after a short while. Some studies suggest as much as 88% of data hasn’t been accessed for more than 90 days, and yet we add to this ‘databerg’ every day and never do anything about what’s below the water line. Union is able to profile your data to align data storage services to suit.

Transient data flies first class, persistent data travels in coach, whilst all data adopts context and is assigned with a lifecycle policy that determines eventual locality, immutability, and term of retention. Your infrastructure becomes aligned to use and need, whilst costs and risk are greatly reduced.

Address Unstructured Data

Stop letting unstructured data put you at risk: turn chaos to order.

Be better equipped with data storage services that align to business use, value and context.

The UK’s number one property portal company manages more than four billion objects on a storage platform designed and supported by Union.

Union Solutions designed and delivered the data storage services for the UK investment banking arm of Japan’s largest financial services company. Block, file, and archive services support billions of pounds of transaction values per day, hundreds of thousands of IOPS and hundreds of terabytes of data.

Data Protection in a Bimodal, Hybrid World

Explore why backup is broken by reading about data protection strategies and how new technologies such as copy data virtualisation and object storage may change the way you protect data forever.

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