Let us worry about your cloud management

You’ve made the choice to move to cloud. Now it’s time for a reliable partner to manage your environment. Get a cloud solution powered by Microsoft Azure, driven by Union Solutions. Union ensures your technology stack delivers against the business outcomes you care about without you having to become a cloud expert.

Microsoft Azure is a Formula 1 car, lightning fast and changing direction in fractions of a second. Union Solutions is a Formula 1 team and driver, rich in design skills, engineers, specialist tooling and automated processes. Focused on the fundamentals, Union gets you over the finish line first. We are experts in managed Infrastructure as a Service, Backup and Disaster Recovery, built entirely upon the powerful, flexible and cost effective, Microsoft Azure technology stack.

Accountable for customer success 24/7/365, our team is focused on business outcomes you care about; Performance, Availability, Security and Recoverability.

Enterprise-class Azure managed services with a human touch.

Managed Azure Infrastructure

Your IT as a service. Fast, always on, predictable, secure and compliant.

Managed Backup to Azure

Protect your data and intellectual property. Recover any volume of data in seconds. Protect against ransomware and rest assured.

Managed Disaster Recovery to Azure

Fail-over your entire business to the Microsoft Cloud. Your business, back up and running inside 60 minutes.

Learn About Union’s Azure Services

Choose to start small with an Azure Jumpstart Package or get a fully enabled cloud datacentre inside 30 days with Union Solutions.

Infrastructure and data services for growing businesses backed by 20 years of enterprise expertise.

We make infrastructure, data services, disaster recovery and cloud transformation simple.

At Union, we have a team of infrastructure and cloud experts with 20 years of experience working with enterprise customers with massive infrastructure scale. We act as the trusted extension of your IT team, ensuring you can focus on your business and leaving us to take care of IT. With a focussed set of feature-rich managed services we deliver business outcomes by providing simple but comprehensive IT solutions to your business problems.

Real cost of storage

Stop comparing the cost of storage, start understanding data storage services
Understanding the real cost of storage means understanding the use case.

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