Protection windows are shrinking, data is doubling.

It’s a constant struggle to protect and recover data.

Ransomware, user error, system failure, datacentre loss, malicious intent or degenerative IT bugs – the threats are endless and represent a car crash to your business. In a global 24×7 economy, its increasingly difficult to prove your data is protected and can be restored instantaneously.

We’ve combined our 20 years of data protection pedigree with the power of Azure.

Union’s managed backup services use a blend of tools, to protect your data and applications in a native format. Hybrid by design, our small disk appliance will live on-premises, storing the latest copies of your backups for instant disk speed restore and lowest RPO. Union can then store all long-term retention, incredibly cost effectively, in the Azure cloud, for as long as your business or auditors demand.

Daily alerting, monthly service reporting and comprehensive 24/7 support, allow you to get on with the job of running your business whilst Union is accountable for protecting your data.

All the benefits of the Microsoft Cloud with enterprise class SLAs


Our managed Azure data protection service guarantees data recovery in minutes through a hybrid design. We deploy a customised on-premises appliance to keep a hot copy of your data exactly where you need it, closest to your application with recovery at disk speed.


We manage your backup as a service, delivering 24x7x365 operational management, monitoring and daily reporting, all through a smart and simple dashboard. We guarantee SLA’s based on your data protection requirements.


We keep your information safe. Your data is always encrypted whether in transmission, online or at rest. All data lives within your own dedicated Azure tenant, therefore it’s always your data, under your ownership and control.


Our service SLA is architected to recover data to a specific point in time. We give you peace of mind that you can recover the information your business needs, while keeping you compliant with data governance and customer demands.

Getting Started with Microsoft Azure

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