A Disaster Can Put You Out of Business.

Every organisation is now expected to have a contingency plan in place, and SMBs are increasingly asked to provide evidence of their plans to customers and regulated industry inspectors.

Unfortunately, most small businesses are playing catch up. Disaster recovery is often at the back of the budget queue because the cost of delivering it is substantial. It chews up cash and profitability and too many see it as a premium too far, until of course it’s too late.

‘Disaster-Ready’ protected by Microsoft Azure and Union. Be back in business in less than 60 minutes.

Union’s managed Azure disaster recovery service is entirely automated, recovering your business’ IT services inside 60 minutes should a disaster strike. We manage the instant fail-over of your IT services to Azure. The service costs a fraction of trying to build the same level of capability yourself and it provides an auditable safety-net so you can compete at any level.

Enterprise-class Azure managed services with a human touch.


Test your ability to recover to the cloud with zero impact or downtime to your production environment. We provide a documented, demonstrable test and recovery process that meets your performance and audit requirements.


We manage your disaster recovery requirements as a service delivering 24x7x365 operational management, monitoring and reporting all through a smart and simple dashboard. Gain guaranteed SLA’s for your DR requirements.


We keep your information safe. Your data is always encrypted whether in transmission, online or at rest. All data lives within your own dedicated Azure tenant, therefore it’s always your data, under your ownership and control.


Our managed Azure Disaster Recovery service replicates data every hour and can recover your business to the Microsoft Cloud within one hour of pushing the button.

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